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Getting Started

1. Coding your Bidder

When building a bidder, the basic purpose of your code is to communicate with the Impression Bus via the AppNexus request/response protocols. You are required to create or input the logic that determines when and how much to bid on an ad call. If you are not ready or interested in creating bid logic, you may be interested in The AppNexus Console.

2. Read the Getting-Starting Guide

To get started with your bidder in the sandbox environment, please read our step-by-step guide. Please see the full documentation on every service mentioned in this guide for more details on syntax.

Please also see the Getting Started - FAQ.

3. Explore the Build a Bidder Tools

  • Bidder Communication with the Impression Bus

A bidder communicates with the Impression Bus via a series of requests and responses.

A request will always be sent by the Impression Bus and received by a bidder. A response will always be sent by a bidder and received by the Impression Bus. A list of all request and response types, such as Bidder Request, Bidder Response, Notify Request, etc. (see AppNexus Bidding Protocol for more details), is available in the left hand navigation bar. All responses and requests are formatted in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

  • Impression Bus API Services

The Impression Bus API Services enable integration with the Impression Bus for bidders, members, creatives, and more. For example, advertisers will use the Creative Service to register all creatives with the Impression Bus for quality assurance. The User Service will register anyone using AppNexus and give them specific levels of access. Please see the full list of Services in the left hand navigation bar.

Before you use the API Services, you will need to use your Bidder username and password to get an authorization token. See API Authentication for details.

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