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Native Inventory Seller Specifications

 Buying Native Inventory provides instructions for a a global approach in which you reach all sellers simultaneously. Scaling is the approach we recommend over using any of the seller-specific settings shown here. 

Sellers of native ad inventory define requirements you must meet to serve creatives on their inventory. The specifications on this page outline the requirements for individual sellers and allow you to compare requirements across the various sellers if you want to target only specific sellers. This page might also help troubleshoot if your creatives aren't serving on the sellers you're expecting.

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Creative Settings

Creatives that will serve on native inventory require specific settings when the creative is added. For a native creative, you must use the following:

  • Template ID: 39461
  • Size: 1x1
  • Creative: native_attribute object

To preview a creative, use the following URL:[creative_id ]

Here are some seller-specific guidelines and requirements that you must follow to serve on that seller's inventory. All sellers listed here use a Type of Native.

FieldAdYouLikeMedia Impact, Axel SpringerFigaro MediasKargoL'AgoraLeboncoinLiveIntentMopubMSNNativoOutbrainPlistaSanoma FinlandSchibsted NorwaySharethroughTaboolaTamediaTripleLiftUIMYieldmo
Member ID76647823327381737037329681711813 28080357597779074581860342533643646131415787911
Landing Page  
  (required) Taboola Widget Field: Click URL 
Title60 character maximum25 characters recommended25 character maximum
  • Length: 25 characters maximum
  • is_required: yes
  • 25 character maximum
  • Advertiser/brand name preferred
  • Could be used to resume the offer or service or as a Call to Action
50 character maximum (mobile)
  • 25 character minimum
  • 50 character maximum
25 character maximum25 character maximum
  • 60 characters recommended
  • 80 character maximum
  • 40 characters or less recommended
  • 60 character maximum
  • 25 characters recommended
  • 50 character maximum
80 character maximum50 character maximum
  • 100 character maximum
  • The Title is where the bulk of storyline gets told and should be as long as possible to engage the user
  • Required
  • 60 character maximum (35 - 45 preferred)
  • As detailed as possible to help engage the user (This is where the main storyline is told)
25 character maximum30 character maximum25 character maximum (including spaces)Required - 26 character limit
Description200 character maximum80 characters recommended90 character maximum
  • Length: 90 characters maximum
  • is_required: no
90 character maximum
  • 60 character maximum (mobile)
  • 3 line maximum (mobile)
90 character maximum100 character maximum300 character maximum
  • 90 characters recommended
  • 120 character maximum
  • 70 characters recommended
  • 100 character maximum
200 character maximum 140 character maximumNot supported90 character maximum200 character maximum45 character maximum (including spaces)Required - 90 character limit
Icon - sizes in pixels300 pixelsNo icon is required 
  • min_width: 80
  • min_height: 80
  • is_required: no
Not supportedDo not use
  • 1:1 aspect ratio
  • Min 100x100

80x80 minimum

1:1 aspect ratio
  • JPG or PNG
  • 150px75px
  • Transparent background
 Not supported 
  • Logo
  • 1x1 ratio
  • Maximum 150x150
  • Defintion: A smaller version of the Image that is uploaded, to be displayed on mobile devices.
  • Required field
Not supportedNot supported
  • Logo
  • 300 pixel minimum
  • jpg or transparent png recommended
  • recommend two versions (light and dark)
Not supportedSuggested
Image - sizes in pixels

Recommended 1200x627

Recommended 1200x627
  • 1.9:1 ratio
  • 1200x638
  • min_width: 620
  • min_height: 375
  • is_required: no
  • Recommended 600x315
  • Minimum 300x160
  • iOS: 375x300
  • Android: 350x350
  • 1200x627 Image required.
  • For best results use a 1.91:1 aspect ratio


  • 1200x627
  • Aspect ratio 1.91:1
  • Maximum size 200kb 


  • JPG or PNG
  • 800x600 recommended
  • 3MB max
  • 600x600 or greater
  • Maximum 1 MB
  • 1:1 ratio, 500x500 recommended
  • 4:3 ratio, 640x480 recommended
  • 16:9 ratio, 640x360 recommended
  • File types: jpg, png
  • Note: images will be scaled down to accommodate placement size
  • 1.91:1 ratio
  • 1200x628
  • Main image
  • 16:9 ratio
  • Minimum 800x450
  • Maximum 100 KB
  • A hero  image that will appear as the main  thumbnail in the placement.
  • Valid file types: jpg, gif, png
  •   Recommended 1000x750
  • Note: thumbnail  size will vary by placement;  Sharethrough’s ad server will crop to  fit.
  • Recommended 600x500
  • Under 1 MB
  • Aspect ration between 1.91:1 and 2.1:1 is recommended
  • Preferred file type: jpg
  • Taboola Widget Field: Thumbnail
  • Recommended 320x180
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • Maximum 30 KB
  • No text, logos, or animations
  • 500x500 minimum
  • 1200x1200 recommended
  • Valid file types: jpg, png
  • file size must be less than 2 MB
300x250 display/scale down to 1:1 mobileRequired, all aspect ratios accepted, preferred ratios 1:1,4:3, or 1.91:1
Call To Action Text50 character maximum20 characters recommended15 character maximum
  • Length: 14 characters maximum
  • is_required: no
Not supported 15 character maximum15 character maximum Not supported Not supported   Not supportedNot supported Not supportedSuggested - 15 character limit
Sponsored By25 character maximum 25 character maximum
  • Length: 90 characters maximum
  • is_required: no
Not supported 25 character maximum
  • 50 character maximum
  • Advertiser name
  • 25 character maximum
90 character minimum25 character maxiumum (shorter preferred)
  • 50 character maximum
  • Required: Must be the brand name
  • 40 character maximum
  • Required: Must be the brand name
  • 40 character maximum
  • Taboola Widget Field: Branding Text
Not supported  27 character limit
Platform AuditRequired     Not required 
MSN Native Cap Guidelines:

    RequiredRequired   Not required
  • maxduration: 30
  • minduration: 5
  • Protocol: VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0
  • API: VPAID 2.0
  • is_required: no
  • recommendations: <15 sec and 16:9 ratio
  Not supported  
         VastXML should not contain non-linear elements
Field NameCreative Service Field
Landing Page
Call to Action
Sponsored By

If a parameter is not mentioned in the table above, enter whatever values make sense for your creative. Any value entered in a field listed as "Not supported" will be ignored. For detailed information on additional fields and uploading a native creative see Add a Creative. You can also review our Native Best Practices One Sheeter.

Do not use JavaScript piggyback pixels on native creatives. Only image pixels can be used on native creatives.

Receiving Requests

To receive a native bid request, you must include a creative size of 1x1 in the size_targets field of the Legacy Bidder Profile Service.

Inventory Targeting

When you set up your bidder profile, you need to target your inventory to receive the seller's inventory. In the bidder profile, include the member ID in the member_targets field. For example, to receive L'Agora inventory (member 7037), include the following in your bidder profile:

	"profile": {
		"member_targets": [
            	"id": 7037,
                "action": "include",
                "third_party_auditor_id": null,

Additional Recommendations

Some sellers have very specific requirements that you must meet for your creatives to serve on their inventory. The following sections outline these requirements for individual sellers.


ADYOULIKE is Europe’s largest in-feed native advertising platform and programmatic exchange. A pioneer in native advertising since 2011, the company serves in excess of 20 billion impressions per month, offering bespoke solutions to advertisers and publishers, for content, video, and story distribution at scale. 

ADYOULIKE dynamically fits ads into premium publishers' content feeds, adapting seamlessly into thousands of publishers worldwide. Native Display, Native Video, and Native Stories – all of which are available for the open web.

You can now run Native Stories on the open web, across ADYOULIKE’s network of premium publishers. ADYOULIKE has created Stories for the open web, allowing publishers to leverage vertical content they've already created for Snapchat and Instagram channels and monetize this on their own properties. This brings advertisers the opportunity to repurpose the vertical creative they're already running on social and reach an incremental audience on their own sites outside the walled gardens.

Demand offerings

  • Open Auction (Seat 7664)
  • Private Auction Deal (First Price, Second Look)
  • Preferred Deal (First Price, First Look, Fixed Price)
  • Publisher Deal (15% Tech fee)

Guidelines and Best Practices

  • As a native platform, we adhere to the format of our publishers, which varies from placement to placement.
  • Native Display and Native Video preview images may render as square or landscape, dependent on the publisher and device. The image should be 1200*627px, 1.91:1 aspect ratio, with a central focus zone of 600x600px, aspect ratio of 1:1.
  • We don't suggest running logos or copy on the image, but if you do, ensure this is completely within the center.
  • Some publishers don't run a description (on their mobile placements, for example). If a publisher doesn’t run a description, then to adhere to their site design, we do not run one either.
  • Please ensure all headlines can operate independently without the need for an accompanying description.

Third Party Pixels

ADYOULIKE accepts the use of most 3rd-party pixels including:


This also includes impression, click, and viewability trackers – Note: they must be secure (https://).

If you wish to target the AYL exchange, and the 3rd-party vendor is not listed above, then we would need to whitelist the vendor's URL in our BO.

Restrictions & Prohibited

  • Dangerous hate speech
  • Pornography
  • Malware
  • Piracy
  • Weapons
  • Violence
  • Defamation
  • Illegal drugs
  • Auto-downloads
  • Auto-redirect
  • Government forms or services
  • Illegal
  • Morally reprehensible
  • Flash Cookies and other LSOs
  • Inadequate privacy notice or consent
  • Interferes with navigation
  • Interferes with other ads
  • Unusual CTR
  • Deceptive Content


L'Agora native adspaces or widgets are displayed alongside page content, which provide superior interaction and engagement to traditional display advertising. As a buyer, when you set up a profile to receive L'Agora inventory, you will be bidding on a slot within the widget.

Creative Guideline and Best Practices


  • We highly recommend short text that is easy to understand with attractive offers.
  • May not contain contact details as telephone number.
  • Do not overuse capital letters or exclamation marks.


  • Images must be clearly relevant to the product or service being advertised.
  • There should be a clear, simple, attractive, and logical link between the image and the copy.
  • Avoid images with text embedded directly in the image. The text could easily be distorted depending on the adjustments made when the image is rendered.

  • Images that represent your target (images of people) generate high engagement.
  • Images that represent your product perform well. Please do not mislead users by showing products that are not available or are not the ones that you are selling.
  • Sexually suggestive images are not allowed. Images should be appropriate for a general audience.

  • Opt for bright, eye-catching images. Avoid black and white images, as they will tend to blend in with the other elements of the galleries around them.
  • The resolution of the image is important. Low quality images will appear blurry and adversely affect the impact of the ad.
  • Images must not contain your logo.

  • Images must not have borders.
  • Images must be static (no movement).

Prohibited Products and Services

You may not promote any of the following products or services using the L'Agora Network: (This is not an exhaustive list, and it may change without notice.)

  • Weight Loss
  • Sexual Health
  • Ringstone/Mobile suscriptions
  • Sexual References
  • Get Rich Quick
  • Sexually Suggestive
  • Mobile app downloads
  • Moderate Nudity
  • Sexual Toys and Accessories
  • Strip Club/Gentlemen Club
  • Underwear/Lingerie

Generally speaking, L'Agora does not allow you to promote any products or services in any of these categories that is illegal in any applicable jurisdiction.


Leboncoin lets advertisers and marketers display sponsored content, products and services within the native ad units available on

When you set up your Inventory Targeting, include the following:

  • Schibsted Media Group
  • FR-Leboncoin-app_phone_android
  • FR-Leboncoin-app_phone_ios
  • FR-Leboncoin-app_tablet_android
  • FR-Leboncoin-app_tablet_ios



LiveIntent is an SSP that solely operates within the email environment. We have exclusive relationships with +2,000 publishers and brands, of which we help monetize their email newsletters and alerts inventory. These relationships enable LiveIntent to see +250MM unique users and serve 8B+ monthly impressions.

3rd Party Tagging

  • Email is a JavaScript less inventory source. Please make sure to traffic 1x1 tracking tags. 
    • We ONLY support Impression (image) and Click tags.
    • Impression (iFrame) & Impressions (JavaScript) are NOT supported. 
  • Third-party standard tags cannot be leveraged due to the use of JavaScript.
    • HTML5, iFrame, Rich Media & Video all leverage JavaScript and will not work in the email environment. 

Supported Targeting:

  • We accept most targeting including CRM data, behavioral, first and third party data:
    • Geo
    • Demographic
    • Device
    • Site Remarketing
    • Day Parting
    • LAL Modeling

Not supported targeting:

  • Since the email environment does not support JavaScript, Viewability, Brand Safety and Keyword targeting will not work. The following actions are not supported:
    • Bidding on viewable CPM
    • Setting viewability parameters in the platform
    • Layering keyword targeting
    • Leveraging any Pre-Bid Brand Safety tools


Mopub native ads match the look and feel of an app’s user interface. Here are a few additional tips recommended by Mopub to get the most out of your native ads:

  • Leverage the five required assets for optimal performance.
  • A/B test different copy and CTA to see which performs best, then scale.
  • Native delivers on client objectives. High CTR (2-4%) is great for content marketing and driving page views.
  • Re-use FBX or other social assets for quick creative.
  • Native supports all UTF-8 language & alphabets.
  • Expect a delay in impression notifications after auction wins due to pre-caching.
  • Do not use macros in URLs in the imptracker field.
  • Host on stable CDNs and ensure you don’t return broken links.
  • Always test creatives with the sample app and proofread content.


Here are the best practices to serve on MSN's inventory:

  • Turbo-charge your call-to-action: Immediately highlight your main point with eye-catching wording to create urgency and drive engagement.
  • Choose compelling images: People, particularly shown experiencing an emotion associated with your headline, increase impact. Also, avoid text overlays on image assets.
  • Center main content: Avoid clutter and ensure important visual elements, particularly people, are centered in your image asset.
  • Be bold with color: Use vibrant colors to create focus and interest in your native ads. 

Refer to the MSN Native CAP Guidelines: 


Nativo reserves the right (but has no obligation to) to decline to run or link to any advertiser-provided content, assets, products, services or campaign (or any component thereof) (collectively, the “Content”), without notice, in our sole discretion. This may include Content that does not follow federal or state law, FTC guidance, Nativo’s own brand guidelines (including these Content Guidelines), or publisher guidelines. These Content Guidelines are subject to change at any time.

Nativo is not responsible for securing or enforcing the copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights in any Content a client provides for distribution through a Nativo campaign. Further, all Content must reflect best practices in truth-in-advertising and consumer protection standards, as more specifically outlined in For example, Content must not be false, misleading, or deceptive, and an advertiser must have a reasonable basis to support all advertising claims in the Content.

This is not an exhaustive list of prohibited or restricted content on the Nativo platform. This list does not constitute, and should not be used as a replacement for, legal advice. Each brand is solely responsible for determining the legality of its ad content. If you have any questions about legal issues related to your Content, including with respect to clearance obligations or Nativo truth-in-advertising requirements, you must consult your own legal counsel.

Prohibited Content. The following types of Content are NOT permitted on the Nativo platform:

  • Adult Content, Products, or Services
  • Children under 13
  • Dangerous Items
  • Defamation and Libel
  • “False News”
  • Fear or Scare Tactics
  • Free Streaming Sites
  • “Get Rich Quick” Pyramid Schemes
  • Hateful Content
  • Herbal or Homeopathic Remedies
  • Illegal Activity
  • Illicit Drugs
  • Illicit Drug Paraphernalia
  • Name or Likeness of an Individual
  • Online Poker / Gambling
  • Pay Per Call (900 numbers)
  • Politics & Religion
  • Pregnancy and Fertility Related Products
  • Psychics
  • Replicas
  • Sensitive Health Topics
  • Spam and Mail Fraud
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Tobacco
  • Third-Party Rights Violation

Restricted Content. The following types of Content will be flagged for further review by Nativo:

  • Alcohol
  • Brick and Mortar Gambling & Gaming*
  • Claim Substantiation
  • Contraceptives
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Dating Services
  • Diamonds and Jewelry
  • Endorsement and Testimonials
  • Financial Services
  • Green Products
  • Loan companies
  • Made in USA Products
  • Online Pharmacies
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Procedures
  • Political
  • Profanity
  • Rehab Providers
  • State Lotteries*
  • Supplements
  • Weight Loss Claims

Find more information on Nativo’s content guidelines [here]." Hyperlink here with


Outbrain’s network exposes all-direct-code-on-page widgets that are customized per publisher for the maximum native look-and-feel. The network contains multi-Recommendation widgets, yielding the best results for marketers looking for engaged users, and In-Feed widgets, yielding best performance to marketers looking for high exposure to their brand.

Inventory and Setup

  • Mobile Web and Desktop
  • Global publisher availability
  • Accessing via a deal is recommended to achieve better network accessibility

Best Practices

  • Properly label your content
  • Draw from social media when determining what types of headlines to use
  • Use copy to smoothly lead the reader to your intended next step
  • Do Not use inaccurate, misleading, or overly sensational headlines or ad copy
  • Do Not write headlines that are “too good to be true"
  • Do Not create articles with duplicate content based on another affiliate offer
  • Do Not encourage accidental clicks by implementing ads (or images) that appear to be organic content

Content Guidelines

Prohibited Categories:

  • Adult
  • Controlled or Illegal Substances
  • Hate, Violence, or Discrimination
  • Gambling
  • Fake News
  • Malware
  • Religion (Cannot promote one religion over another)
  • Unsafe Products or Supplements

Landing Page Guidelines

  • No excessive overlays/pop-ups
  • No misleading advertising methods
  • Must be authentic
  • Must be updated/current


  • No inaccurate, misleading, or overly-sensational headlines
  • No offensive headlines
  • No excessive use of capitalization
  • Attention to grammar and punctuation
  • No excessive use of symbols

Image Guidelines

  • Relevant to the linked content
  • Good quality
  • Cannot employ deception to entice a click
  • No nudity or sexual imagery
  • Not designed to provoke, offend, or shock
  • No circles or arrows placed
  • No violence, gore, or dead bodies
  • No zoomed-in body parts
  • No before/after photos

You can find Outbrain's full content guidelines here.


The following are some recommended creative best practices for serving on Plista:

  • Do not embed any text in the image
  •  Use between 3-4 creatives 
  • Make use of images that elicit positive feelings in the observer. A strong emotional impact gets the attention of the user. 
  • Highlight the advantages of your product by using, for example, close-ups, packshots or application examples. Be sure to use clear colors and sharp contours so that your motif stands out immediately. 
  • The ad should be pleasing to the eye. U sing natural colors help to accomplish this while maintaining a native feel. 
  • Address the user personally to achieve a positive effect on the CTR. 
  • Match your ads with your landing page and make sure that the advertised offers in your ad can be found on your landing page. 
  • Keep your promise: when users do not know what to expect on your website, the visit will often be cancelled prematurely.

Sanoma Finland

Best Practices

  • Land your ads on the client's content instead of a product page.
  • Ensure that the ad matches the landing page content.
  • Write the ad content according to the selected media.
  • Content is what's important - avoid selling too aggressively.
  • Utilize the wide reach of media to get more readers to the client's content.

Schibsted Norway

You can serve native creatives on Schibsted Norway's desktop, mobile web and mobile app inventory.

You can preview your native creatives to see what they'll look like on Schibsted websites. Use the following URLs, replacing XANDR_CREATIVE_ID with your creative ID.

WebsiteCategoryDesktop?Tablet?Smartphone?Preview URL

Mobile web:


Mobile web:

When you set up your targeting, you'll need to target Schibsted Media Group (3296) and the domains listed in the available inventory table. 


You can buy native inventory and promote sponsored content on premium websites using Sharethrough. The look and feel of Sharethrough's inventory, known as "widgets," are tailored to each partner on the Sharethrough network for a native experience. When you set up a profile to receive Sharethrough inventory, you will be bidding on the in-feed space where your native ad will display.

Buyers can only buy on a CPM basis. All inventory on Sharethrough is billed when viewable buyers buy viewable inventory.

You can preview your creative in the Sharethrough Native Ad Generator.

Here is Sharethrough's specific documentation: Sharethrough Documentation


Display sponsored content, products, services, and advertisements within native ad units living on premium publisher sites with Taboola's native inventory. The look and feel of Taboola's widgets are customized to each partner on the Taboola network, to provide a native experience.

Taboola recommendations appear in widgets that display several recommendations for the user to choose from. In Xandr, this widget is mapped to a Taboola placement. As a buyer, when you set up a profile to receive Taboola inventory, you will be bidding on a slot within the widget.

Taboola creatives are dynamically rendered on a variety of different placements and configurations. A single placement on different publishers' sites could have different sizes and aspect ratios when rendered on a user's device. Therefore, all the guidelines specified here should be considered best practices rather than definitive standards.

Creative Guidelines and Best Practices

Here are some best practices when working with Taboola native inventory.

Taboola creatives are dynamically rendered on a variety of different placements and configurations. A single placement on different publishers' sites could have different sizes and aspect ratios when rendered on a user's device. Therefore, all the guidelines specified here should be considered best practices rather than definitive standards.

Avoid images with text embedded directly in the image. The text could easily be distorted depending on the adjustments made when the image is rendered. As a general guidelines, be sure that images do not contain words, text overlays, call to action buttons, or other items that have the potential to throw off the dynamic auto-cropping that occurs on some of Taboola’s widgets.

Approximately 75% of Taboola's thumbnail placements sizes are in the range of 80x60 to 150x120. A long tail of thumbnails goes up to 285x250.

The real key to rendering well is pixel dimensions (height and width). Larger is typically better because it's easier to size down than up. Images above 285x250 px are recommended.

Special Placements
Taboola is rapidly expanding its homepage carousel inventory. This inventory represents an opportunity for brands to take over large screen real estate to make for high impact marketing medium. Check back for updates on these placement opportunities.

Click Trackers
A maximum of three impression trackers (two buyer, one Xandr) are allowed per creative.

Impression Trackers
A maximum of four impression trackers (three buyer, one Xandr) are allowed per creative. 

Viewable Impression Trackers
Taboola limits the length of the viewable impression tracking url to 3072 characters.

Restricted Products or Services

Taboola permits the following products and services to be promoted using the Taboola Network. However, we have decided that these products and services are sensitive. This means that campaigns promoting these products or services are subject to certain additional restrictions in order to make sure these campaigns only appear in appropriate places, at appropriate times, to appropriate people, and in appropriate ways. This list is not exhaustive and is subject to change without notice:

  • Alcohol.
  • E-cigarettes and vaporizer products that do not contain nicotine, tobacco, or any illegal substance.
  • Gambling products.
  • Payday and short-term loans
  • Political campaign advertising.
  • Products or services that claim to predict the future.
  • Products related to binary options or foreign exchange market trading.
  • Self-improvement products that make aggressive or unrealistic claims.
  • Software downloads.
  • Subscription services.
  • Supplements.
  • Sweepstakes or contests.
  • Weight loss products.

Prohibited Products or Services

You may not promote any of the following products or services using the Taboola Network. Note, this is not an exhaustive list, and it may change without notice.

Generally speaking, we do not allow you to promote any products or services that fall into any of the following categories: 

  • Any product or service that is illegal in any applicable jurisdiction.
  • Any product or service that makes impossible or unlikely money-making claims.
  • Any product or service that promises to diagnose, cure, prevent, treat, or reverse any disease, condition, or illness.
  • Any product or service that we believe has a significant risk of being dangerous, illegal, fraudulent, or a scam that may cause harm to our users.
  • Any product or service that is designed to enable illegal or dishonest behavior (such as a product promoting a pyramid scheme.

More specifically, here are examples of some products or services that you currently may not promote using the Taboola Network:

  • "Adult" dating sites or other services offering to facilitate sexual encounters.
  • 1-900 numbers.
  • Mail-order bride services.
  • Credit repair services, including companies or products that offer to help repair a person's credit score.
  • Firearms, weapons, fireworks, ammunition, or explosives.
  • Illegal or prescription drugs.
  • Male enhancement or erectile dysfunction products.
  • PC repair software, or software that promises to fix or improve the performance of a computer.
  • Tobacco or nicotine products.
  • Penny stocks.


Tamedia provides over 700 million native impressions per month, mainly in the Swiss market. Across its News and Classified websites, with a reach over 85% of Swiss users, buyers have the opportunity to operate their native campaigns at scale.

Target buyer Tamedia AG (3646).


Here are some general guidelines:

Third-Party Trackers

All 3rd party trackers are accepted as long as they are 1x1 image tag. All trackers must be secure (https://).

Suggested Do's and Don't's

  • Do choose engaging photos.
  • Do use products set in real environments. Historically, these have tended to perform better than products in isolation.
  • Do pick a click-through URL that is somewhat associated with the creative.
  • Do explore all the image options at your fingertips. From blogs to product pages, you likely have a treasure trove of impactful images. 
  • Don't use images with too much text.
  • Don't crop the image. TripleLift will ensure the image fits perfectly across every placement.
  • Don't use an image with a logo overlaid on top.
  • Don't use banner ad creative.


General Recommendations

  • Please note that a semi-transparent overlay with your text is placed over the image. It occupies approximately 300x100 pixels in the lower image area.
  • Our headline = 1 line and the description = 2 lines
  • Only German language

Teaser Text Guidelines

  • No special characters in your text
  • No exclamation marks

Image Guidelines

  • No purely text-based graphics
  • No plain text as image
  • No frame around your image
  • No pure logo as image
  • No important image component in the margin, as image can be scaled on smaller screens. Position important parts centrally.
  • Image has to be static, not animated = GIF/JPEG 40kB maximum.

Further Information and Examples

UIM Native Teaser (Multi Screen)

  • No labels