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Shazam Mobile App for Bidders

Buying Shazam mobile app inventory on Xandr is very similar to buying other seller-specific supply on Xandr. This page walks you through the process.

  • At this time, Shazam inventory is available to all bidders.
  • Shazam inventory is available for RTB buying in the US and Canada.  It is not available for RTB buying in a number of other countries.
  • Shazam US and Canada inventory does not require approval and is generally available to buyers.

For full bid request documentation, see Bid Request.

On This Page

Creative Specifications

At this time, only creatives conforming to the following specifications can serve on Millennial Media Exchange inventory:

  • Type
    • Standard Banner only
    • MRAID or rich media creatives
  • Size
    • 320x50
    • 300x250
  • Format
    • Html
    • JavaScript
    • Image (jpg, gif, png)

Buying Shazam Mobile App Inventory

Follow these steps to buy Shazam mobile inventory.

1. Ensure That You Accept Shazam Bid Requests

Bidder profiles allow you to filter for the bid requests that you want to receive. To accept Shazam bid requests you must allow the values below within an existing bidder profile or create a new bidder profile specifically for Shazam bid requests. For details about updating or creating bidder profiles, see the Legacy Bidder Profile Service. MMX bid requests have the following characteristics that allow you to distinguish them from other Xandr bid requests:







Note that all inventory for member 2306 is mobile_app.

2. Shazam App IDs

The App ID will be passed in app_id field for Xandr standard integrations and in app.bundle field for OpenRTB integrations.

Shazam App