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This page lists some common problems we have seen bidders encounter, and suggested steps for resolving them. It also provides links to further information that may help explain some issues.

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Your bidder isn't receiving traffic from the Imp Bus

Have you registered your bidder with the Bidder Instance Service? If so, try running a debug log and check the debug output for your bidder. You can run a debug log (which simulated an auction) like so -- note that the dongle is set using the Bidder Service:

New Integration?

If you're new and just setting up in the client testing environment, replace in the above with

If the output of the debug log says that the connection to your bidder failed, make sure that the ports you've configured via the Legacy Bidder Profile Service match the ports that your bidder is configured to run on. Check with Xandr Support to make sure that this port is unblocked on your cloud instance. If you have written a status check for your bidder (for example, at http://your-host:your-port/status), you can also check that your bidder is accessible that way.

Your bidder responds in 0ms or has an empty response

  • Ensure that the bidder instance has the correct URLs set for Bid Request and Ready Request handling (defaults are "/bid" and "/ready").
  • Ensure that members are correctly set up in the local bidder's database.

General set up issues

  • Try recompiling your bidder's code with debugging enabled.
  • If you still can't find the problem, contact Xandr Support at

Your notify logs are not being populated correctly or values are missing

  • In the Bidder Service, there is a parameter "notify_full_auction". Setting this parameter to true will pass more fully populated logs in the Notify Request.

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