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Buy-Side Overview


Object Definitions

  • Member: The parent object for your account. Each member has a contractual relationship with Xandr.
  • Advertiser: The object which represents a single advertiser on Xandr. Generally, an advertiser can be associated with a single brand.
  • Insertion Order: This object groups line items.  
  • Line Item: This object tracks all revenue in the system and defines how inventory will be purchased, including bidding strategies and media cost budgeting.
  • Creative: The actual advertisement to be served. The specification of a creative includes format, size and audit attributes.
  • Segment: Used for targeting specific groups of users who have been added to the segment through a pixel.
  • Conversion Pixel: These objects are used for tracking conversions as well as optimization for CPA campaigns and line items.
  • Profile: This object defines all of the targeting parameters for another object (e.g., line item). Please note that a profile is the only object that does not correspond to the objects in the UI. For example the UI combines a profile (targeting) and a campaign (budget and flight dates) and shows a campaign alone.
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