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Sell-Side Overview


Object Definitions

  • Member: The parent object for your account. Each member has a contractual relationship with Xandr.
  • Publisher: The object which represents a single publisher on Xandr. Generally, a publisher can be associated with the owner of a piece of inventory.
  • Site: This object groups placements and is usually associated with a singe website (domain) or section of a website.
  • Placement: Each placement corresponds to a single ad tag through which impressions come to Xandr.
  • Content Category: This object specifies attributes about the inventory which are useful for targeting with managed campaigns.
  • Payment Rule: This object defines how a publisher is being paid for an impression. This can be associated with a profile to define dynamic payments based on the targeting.
  • Ad Profile: Defines the types of creatives which can and cannot serve on a piece of inventory.
  • Ad Quality Rule: This object specifies additional dynamic rules regarding which creatives can and cannot serve.
  • Yield Management Profile: The parent object for yield management operations.
  • Yield Management Floor: This object defines dynamic yield management price floors.
  • Yield Management Bias: This object defines dynamic yield management biases.
  • Profile: This object defines all of the targeting parameters for another object (e.g., payment rule).
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