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Client Testing Environment

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The client testing environment provides a version of Xandr's UI and API that you can use to test your workflows and API implementations without the risk of spending money or affecting your production configurations.

The client testing environment's codebase and data are updated every month. This means your testing environment will never be more than 30 days (and often less) behind the version of Xandr code that is running in production. In addition, all production data will be automatically copied over to the client testing environment (including your member accounts and credentials) each month. This will allow for robust testing against the latest features.

In addition to UI and API functionality, the client testing environment provides full ad serving, reporting (see Reporting below for more information), and data pipeline capabilities


Here are the endpoints for the production environment and their corresponding client testing environment endpoints. (Xandr products are powered by AppNexus technology.)

ProductProduct endpointClient Testing endpoint
Platform UI

Xandr's API

Impbus (Bidders)

Impbus API (Bidders)

Each of these endpoints requires explicit access. For example, an account with platform UI permissions cannot access a Bidders endpoint.

Monthly Reset

In order to maintain an up-to-date environment, the client testing environment is discarded entirely at the end of each month and replaced with a new copy of the codebase and data from production. This model guarantees that the client testing environment is never more than 30 days behind production and also provides a useful set of test objects (i.e., a snapshot of your production objects) on which to operate.

When a new testing environment is created, the old environment is deleted and any changes you made will be be irrevocably deleted along with it.

If you need your data to persist beyond the end of the month, you can create test objects in production and set the state to inactive

A new client testing environment is typically available by 9:00 AM Eastern Time on the first business day of each month. This copy of the codebase and database is based on a snapshot taken in the last few days of the previous month. In general, the snapshot will be taken three to six days prior to the fist day of the month. 


Since each month's client testing environment begins as a snapshot of the production environment at a specific point in time, you can generally assume that anyone with the ability to access the production environment also has the ability to access the client testing environment in exactly the same way.  If a user has API access in the production environment, that user should have API access in the client testing environment as well.

There are a couple of circumstances in which a user's login privileges could differ between production and client testing:

  • The user is created or deleted in either environment after the most recent reset of the client testing environment.
  • The user gains or loses API access in either environment after the most recent reset of the client testing environment.

You can use the Change Log Service in both production and client testing to determine whether API access has been granted or removed. 

Production Data Restrictions

If you have users who need access to the testing environment but who should not have access to the production environment, you can contact your account manager or to have a test-only account set up.

In addition, although the client testing environment contains production data, some users will have access only to generated test data and will have no visibility to production information. Access to production data is determined based on the customer and user requirements.

Xandr provides access to the client testing environment for the following users:

  • Current UI and API customers
  • Application Providers (partners who write and maintain Marketplace Apps)
  • Some prospective customers who are evaluating the product


Reporting is available in the testing environment, but not all production ad serving activity is reflected in client testing reporting; instead, only a small (~0.1%), random slice of production traffic makes its way to client testing reporting. By contrast, all ad serving activity in the client testing environment is reflected by client testing reporting.

This functionality allows you to build against the reporting services without having to generate your own traffic.


Cookies cannot be accessed from the client testing environment. Therefore, any service that relies on cookies will not function as it would in production. Services that use cookies include those that use user data, such as the Batch Segment Service.




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