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Create an Outlook Campaign via the API

This page shows you how to use the Campaign Service and the Profile Service to set up a campaign that targets inventory.

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Before You Begin

Before creating an Outlook profile and campaign, you should add your Outlook creatives to Xandr. For instructions, see Add a Microsoft Outlook Creative via the API.

Step 1. Create a profile that targets inventory

To ensure that your campaign will reach Microsoft inventory, you should: 

  • Set supply_type_targets to "web" and supply_type_action to "include".
  • Set domain_targets to "" and domain_action to "include".

You can also add targeting based on frequency, geography, daypart, segment, and system. However, note that you cannot target users based on age, gender, tag position, or tag query strings.

Step 2. Create an Outlook campaign

Setting up an Outlook campaign is similar to setting up any other web campaign. You can set flight dates, budgeting, and buying strategy. To ensure that you reach inventory, however, be sure to pay particularly close attention to the following settings:

  • Use the profile_id field to associate the campaign to the Outlook targeting profile you created in Step 1.
  • Set line_item_id to the ID of the line item under which you want to create the Outlook campaign.
  • Set supply_type to "web".
  • Since Microsoft is an external supply partner, set inventory_type to "real_time".
  • Use the creatives array to associate Outlook creatives to the campaign.

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