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Extract ClickTags Service

AppNexus can execute and track user clicks on Flash creatives (SWFs) that include ClickTag variables. This is possible, however, only if you provide the exact ClickTag variables used in the files (i.e., clickTAG, ClickTag, clickTag1, clickTag2) when uploading the files with the Creative Service. The Extract ClickTags Service makes it easy for you to identify these exact variables. It also tells you if each ClickTag variable is accompanied by a "_blank" string, which ensures that, upon a user's click, the landing page opens in a new browser window.

Here's how it works:

  1. You base64-encode Flash creatives and include them in the "content" field of the JSON object. 
  2. You make the POST request shown below.
  3. The response tells you the following about each valid Flash creative:
    • The exact ClickTag variables in the file
    • If each ClickTag variable is accompanied by a "_blank" string
  4. When uploading each valid Flash creative with the Creative Service, you include the extracted ClickTag variables in the "flash_click_variable" field.

Note that this service does not support Flash creatives written in ActionScript 3.0.


Extract click tag variables:

JSON Fields





Required On



One or more base64-encoded SWF files.




 Extracting ClickTag variables from a base64-encoded SWF file
 Extracting ClickTag variables from two base64-encoded SWF files (one valid, one invalid)
 Extract ClickTag variables from a base64-encoded SWF file (no click tag variables found)