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Feed Status Service

The Feed Status Service lets you check when new reporting data is available via the Network Analytics Feed. New data becomes available when:

  • New hours of reporting data become available
  • Previous hours of reporting data have been updated.  This can occur due to the way that we perform our Offline Conversion Attribution. For details, see "Offline Conversion Attribution" in our UI documentation (customer login required).

This service is not available for the Clicktrackers Feed.

For more detailed instructions on how to use this feed in your integration, see Bulk Reporting Feeds.

On This Page


Check the status of your Network Analytics Feed:


This service returns only two fields in an array of objects:

hourtimestampThe date and hour of reporting data whose status you're interested in.
last_runtimestampWhen the reporting data for hour was last updated by our data pipeline. This is usually a few hours later than the value of hour.

Timestamps are reported in the UTC timezone, so you'll need to manually translate the UTC time to your standard timezone.


This service returns the last 30 days of hourly data with a simple GET call as shown below.  For instructions on how to use this information to integrate with your own reporting systems, see Bulk Reporting Feeds.

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