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Introduction to Political Advertising

Xandr permits political advertising (advertising relating to elections, ballot initiatives, or political candidates) in the United States, but requires that such advertising comply with applicable law. We also require that you certify certain information about the ads and the political organization that purchased them for certain political advertising on the state or local level, as legally required. States with special disclosure requirements are listed in Political Advertising Policy Implementation.

You are not required to certify political advertising serving outside the United States, but you must still adhere to our Policies for Buying and comply with all applicable legal and/or regulatory requirements in the jurisdiction where you are advertising.

Unless specifically authorized by Xandr, buyers are prohibited from serving ads related to any federal elections in Canada.

For more details on our policies on political advertising, see our Political Advertising Policy.

Enable Political Advertising

For the most part, political advertisements are set up in the same way as other advertisements, using the same basic buy-side setup procedures. However, you must take a few additional steps:

  1. Declare that the advertiser is going to run political advertising. For more details, see the Advertiser Service.
  2. Disclose the required political advertising information in the insertion order. For more details, see the Insertion Order Service.
    1. Add the contact information for the person or team in your own organization who can best answer any questions about political advertising on this insertion order.
    2. Add details about the political organization that is advertising on a state or local level, including contact information, payment method, and the name of the candidate or ballot initiative being supported or opposed.
    3. Certify that all information provided is accurate and up to date, and acknowledge that Xandr is relying on the accuracy of the information you provide.
    4. If the political organization purchasing the ads is an independent expenditure committee advertising in New York or New Jersey, upload the appropriate state registration form, then update the insertion order. For more information, see the Registration Form Service.
  3. Ensure that political creatives include a disclaimer stating who paid for the advertisement and whether it was authorized by the relevant candidate or paid for by an independent expenditure committee.

When a Political Creative Is Not Allowed to Serve

Your creative will not be allowed to serve if:

  • You have declared that an insertion order contains political advertising at the state or local level, but you have not disclosed the required political information on the insertion order, or you have not uploaded a registration form for the states that require it.
  • An audit detects that a creative is political, but the required political information has not been disclosed to Xandr.

If you have failed to declare and certify the required political information on the insertion order, the  is_ineligible  field will be true.

If your creative is blocked from serving by a creative audit, you will be emailed a notification that the creative does not comply with Xandr's policies and has been blocked until all issues are resolved. In most cases, you can resolve this issue by simply providing the proper disclosures and information at the Advertiser and Insertion Order level.

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