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January 31, 2016  

We are excited to announce the following enhancements to version 1.16 of the AppNexus Console API.

Breaking Changes

In addition to new features, this release includes breaking changes. For all breaking changes, we will support the existing API services or fields for the next 60 days, as stated in our Breaking Changes policy.

Breaking Changes

Network Billing Report

We are planning to remove the Network Billing report on April 1st, 2016. This follows our announcement in the November 30, 2015 release notes that the report was deprecated and would eventually be removed in a breaking change release. Its functionality is now provided by two separate reports:

The following fields are being removed as a result of this change:

  • Dimensions and Filters
    • Creative
    • Placement
    • Revenue Type
    • Payment Type
  • Metrics
    • CTR
    • Conversion Rate
    • eCPM
    • Advertiser Revenue
    • Advertiser Profit
    • Sold Network RPM
    • Network PPM
    • Network ROI
    • Advertiser RPM
    • Advertiser PPM
    • Advertiser ROI

Changed Services

Placement Service

The Placement Service has been updated with the ad_types array of objects. This array contains information about the type of ad to be shown in that placement such as banner, video, or native.

Profile Service

The Profile Service has a new array of objects, postal_code_targets, which can be used to target locations anywhere in the world via their postal code. To look up postal codes, use the Postal Code Service. For example, to look up the postal codes in Norway, call:

$ curl -b cookies -X GET ""

Profile Summary Service

The Profile Summary Service now has a postal_code_targets_exist object that contains an array of campaign IDs which have postal code targeting enabled.

Documentation Updates

The Object Limit Service and API Usage Constraints pages were updated to note the limit on postal codes targeted per profile; formerly, the limit was on US zip codes targeted per profile.