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Moat Video Viewability Setup - API

You can amplify your video viewability metrics by tapping into a third-party video viewability data provider like Moat. This document will guide you through the process of updating a video creative to include Moat's reporting. For steps to link an existing account with Moat or to create one from scratch, see the Moat Video Viewability Measurement Setup page in the UI.

On this page

Update A Video Creative

Step 1. Include the following array in your JSON file


Step 2. Make a PUT call to the Creative VAST Service with your updated JSON file

JSON Fields

FieldTypeDescriptionDefaultRequired On
thirdparty_viewability_providersarrayThis array includes a collection of third party video viewability providers that will draw data on the given hosted video creative.  
thirdparty_provider_idintThis id specifies which data provider will be granted access to historical data on this hosted video creative.  

Third-Party Provider ID

Provider NameID

Remove Third-party Providers

To remove third-party providers from your hosted video creative, set the field thirdparty_providers to null. Then make a PUT call to the Creative Service to update your creative.


If you wish to permanently remove this creative you can make a DELETE call pointed to the specific creative as outlined in the example below.

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