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Query String Feed

This feed is not available to Xandr Invest clients.

The Query String Feed provides data about the query strings that come in on your managed publishers' impressions. It contains one row for each sold impression that passes in a query string in the correct format. For more information on the required query string format, see Query String Formatting Requirements.

You must be specially enabled to log query strings and receive this feed. This is true even if you already get a Standard Feed. For more information contact your AppNexus representative.

The AppNexus internal name for this feed is custom_data_feed.

On This Page

Query String Formatting Requirements

  • Only the contents of the custom_pub_data querystring parameter will be logged. Other querystring data outside of the custom_pub_data parameter will not be logged.
  • The contents of custom_pub_data should be 70 characters or less (after that it is truncated).
  • It is permissible to pass more than 70 characters, but only the first 70 will be logged.
  • The characters newline ("\n"), tab ("\t"), and backslash ("\") are not allowed. Otherwise, all characters that can be displayed by the standard C library function isprint are allowed. For more information, see the isprint(3) man page.


The columns below are listed in the same order in which they appear in the log-level feed file (top to bottom here, left to right in the file).


Column Index

Column Name





UNIX Epoch time

The time the impression was served (e.g., 1526057561 which would need to be translated to Friday, May 11, 2018 4:52:41 PM (UTC) ).



bigint (64 bit)

AppNexus' unique auction identifier.



int (32 bit)

The member ID of the seller.




The custom_pub_data parameter from the query string of the impression