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Xandr API Support

The Xandr API services are for use by current Xandr customers. Service endpoints are available only to customers with active accounts and API permissions. Therefore, full product support is available only to Xandr customers. If you are not yet a Xandr customer, you can view these reference documents and learn about the product and its potential to meet your company's needs.

For Current Xandr customers:
All support requests can be submitted and routed to the appropriate Xandr team directly from our Customer Support Request Form located at


  • API Getting Started - This section provides an introduction to the API onboarding process and best practices, walks you through the typical setup steps and common operations for network users, and covers important concepts such as breaking changes and API usage constraints.
  • API Semantics - Need more details on API structure and RESTful conventions? Take a look at this page.

Other Resources

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