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API Issues

Troubleshooting this error message:
[FAILURE] Not authorized / An error occurred: You cannot manage this inventory outside of your VLANs

If you received this error message, before you open a Support or Emergency ticket, the steps below should help to troubleshoot the error and/or give the Support Team more information on this issue.

1. Check that your --username parameter and syntax is correct. (More detailed CLI man pages ).

2. Check the rpc.cfg file for possible errors or typos.

The file format should be as follows:


Also it may contain any of the following lines:

  • Are there any extra spaces and/or linebreaks? ( Perhaps inside "username" label / "password" label / username itself / password itself)
  • Do you have rights to manipulate this inventory? Use manage-vlan list to show the VLANs you have permission to manipulate.

3. If you open a Support / Emergency ticket, please issue the commands as shown below and attach the output to the ticket:

CLI version info: manage-instance -V
Routing table info: route -n
List of all interfaces: ifconfig -a