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Regular Cloud Support

To request regular support, open a ticket using the Customer Portal.  We'll address your issue as soon as possible, although the expected response time is one business day.

When opening a support ticket, please be sure to provide any relevant data that will help us respond to and resolve your case.  This may include:

  • logs
  • traceroute
  • command-line output
  • server hostname
  • instance name
  • instance IP

Emergency Cloud Support

Please contact emergency support if you have an emergency issue, or you detect a failure of a Xandr critical component.  Critical components are: core networking (routers, switching, connectivity), load balancers (global and local), storage, and administrative services (API, DHCP, LDAP, and DNS).

Emergency support is available by email or phone. The emergency email address is emergency <AT> xandr <DOT> com. We'll do our best to respond within 15 minutes.

The emergency phone number is (646) 825-6462.  When you call this number, an automated system will dial our support and operations staff to get someone on the phone with you immediately.

If you're calling from outside of the United States, please preface phone numbers with the appropriate international call codes and 1 for the USA country code.

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