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1. Take your instance offline

manage-instance shutdown --instance_id=<instance id> --username <USERNAME>

2. Change parameters using "manage-instance modify"

-c, --cpu_units : new number of CPU units
-m, --memory : new memory size and units (mb, gb), e.g. 512mb or 2gb
-d, --disk : new disk size and units (mb, gb or tb), e.g. 100gb or 0.5tb

For example, to give your new instance 2GB of RAM and 3 CPU units:

manage-instance modify --instance_id=<instance id> --cpu_units=3 --memory=2gb --username <USERNAME>

3. Restart your instance

manage-instance restart --instance_id=<instance id> --username <USERNAME>


If you choose a disk size that is too small, your instance will not function.  You must have enough disk to fit the files which are in the filesystem already, plus whatever internal data structures the filesystem has.  Adding another 10 percent or so of space is a good rule of thumb.  To see the size of a filesystem and its contents, use the df command.

As always, please create a ticket at or contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

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