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We pride ourselves on organizing our racks with care and forethought and then expertly maintaining them.  Each rack contains redundant switches, redundant GigE, and redundant power from the datacenter in order to protect the hardware and customer applications they contain.

What's in a Rack

Currently we have 42-U Dell 4210 Rack Enclosures.  Because Cloud Computing is so flexible, we can switch to new products based on innovations, quality, cost, and service, so we expect our racks to evolve over time.

Main Contents of the Rack

15-64 Servers depending on the configuration

2 Cisco 2960G Switches

1 Dell PowerConnect 3448 Port Switch

Rack Accoutrements

Cisco 2300 RPS (external redundant power supply shelf for Cisco switches)

1 ServerTech Transfer Switch

3 2-U Horizontal Wire Management

2 Raritan Vertical PDU (Power Strip)to provide power on/off capabilities when needed

One benefit of cloud computing is that customized instances can be launched on commodity hardware, which is less expensive and time consuming than custom hardware.  While we always have servers available for instant reservation and use, we have honed our hardware procurement process so that we can order and install racks in 3 to 4 weeks.  This makes us more flexible as a company.

Please see our Rack Specifications and Ordering Process (PDF) for details on the entire ordering process.

To see the location of our racks within our datacenter space, please see our Datacenters page.  When you reserve Xamdr servers, you can select rack location within the datacenter, and position of the server within the rack.

More Pictures

Front network device cabling:

Cable bundling and routing:

Rear rack cabling details:

Rear rack setup & cabling: