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Servers are the physical machines in our physical infrastructure, and they're the central building blocks of your virtual datacenter.  They are the equipment on which instances, or virtual machines, run. You can run multiple instances on a single server to maximize its resources.

We provide the highest quality Dell servers with a variety of specifications, and let you deploy them from anywhere via our easy-to-use APIs.

Dedicated Servers

When you reserve a server at Xandr, you're not sharing with any other clients, so you have full and secure control.  There's no unpredictability about how much space or resources you will have.  This way you can arrange your applications efficiently but still avoid resource contention.

Rapid Scalability

The traditional server procurement cycle can be time consuming and often must be done months in advance.  Plus, you have to overbuy to be prepared for equipment failure and sudden spikes in demand.  With Xandr, you can reserve and deploy servers at the moment you need them, and virtualization makes new servers easy to integrate into your existing architecture.  This flexibility means you'll never be caught short, and you can efficiently match your current needs instead of your future ones.

Infrastructure Safeguards

To make sure your servers are always available and running smoothly, each rack has redundant power and network feeds.  As an added backup, you can choose to locate your servers in two different racks, or, if your servers need to quickly communicate, you can house them in the same rack.  You can even house them at two different datacenters—we run one on each coast.


When you use Xandr servers, you get the newest, most up-to-date hardware minus the worry of depreciation, obsolescence, replacement, or maintenance.

Want to reserve your first server?  See the manage-server command line tool documentation

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