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Starting an Instance from a Custom Image

Once you have a custom image, please start your instance as usual, but use custXXX as the share name and images/image_name.fs.tar.gz as the image name.  In other words, the instance-launching command could look like this:

manage-instance launch -s <SERVER_ID> -S custXXX -p images/image_name.fs.tar.gz -n
my_custom_image -c 4 -m 4096mb -d 60gb --username <USERNAME>

Please don't forget to replace XXX with your share number!

If Your Custom Image Is Located in a Different Xandr Datacenter

We have completely independent network storage in LAX1 and NYM1 ( and and right now we don't provide syncing between these two storage areas.

So to launch instances with your LAX1-located custom image in NYM1, you need to make a copy of your image.  We recommend using rsync to do this.

The steps are:

1. Launch a standard instance from a standard base image in NYM1.
2. Mount your share ( on an instance in LAX1 (your management instance will work best; you can check instructions on mounting share).
3. Mount your share ( on the newly launched instance in NYM1.
4. Run rsync on the instance in LAX1 where you have your share mounted and point it to the SSH URI of the instance in NYM1 (for example root@<someaddr>://mnt/cust001/).

After rsync completes, you will be able to launch instances from your custom images in NYM1 with exactly the same command you've used before.  You can delete the standard image instance you launched in NYM1 if you don't need it anymore.

Further Reading

How to Create Custom Images.

As always, please create a ticket at or contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

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