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Instance State Terminology

Our API can show eight instance states; some of them are stable ones (running, failed, and offline), others are transitional ones (starting, restarting, terminating, shutting down, resizing, and bundling).

  • Starting status is shown almost immediately after you issue the manage-instance launch command. Before your operating system boots, the API will perform some actions (IP address validity check, available disk space check, etc.). Only afterward will the virtual machine starts (xm create); this changes the instance status to Running.
  • Running appears when your operating system really starts booting.  It can take a few minutes for the instance to become fully available for things like SSH and HTTP requests.
  • Restarting is a transitional state; it's shown after you issue the manage-instance restart command (which in turn can be done when the instance is either in the Running or in the Offline state).  The Restarting state changes to Running in the same manner as Starting does.
  • Failed could appear after Starting, Restarting, or Resizing states if something goes wrong.
  • Shutting down appears as the result of the manage-instance shutdown command; the instance remains in this state during the whole shutdown process; afterward the instance is Offline.  During Shutting down the instance attempts a graceful shutdown; after 10 min, the xm destroy command is carried out.
  • Teminating state is shown when you issue the manage-instance delete command (you are allowed to run this command if the instance is either Running or Offline).  Terminating status is shown during the whole deletion process (compare with Shutting down).
  • Resizing and Bundling states are the result of the manage-instance resize and manage-instance bundle commands respectively.  Initial instance state in this case was Offline.  Resizing and Bundling states are displayed during the resize/bundle process; then you will see the Offline status again (or if bundling goes wrong, it could result in the Failed state).
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