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Curation Auction Services Best Practices

Ad Inventory Access

Company shall implement Ad Inventory to allow Xandr sufficient access to deliver campaigns. With respect to video Ad Inventory, Company shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide such Ad Inventory to Xandr at the highest priority available below directly sold inventory (or such other comparable priorities). 

Supply Quality

Company shall use its best efforts to pass full fidelity of each impression request.  Company should not truncate, aggregate, or otherwise mask:

  • Device ID
  • IP Address
  • Cookie ID
  • URL
  • Program-Level Metadata (including, but not limited to, network, show, and time of day)

 Advertiser Pixels

Company shall use its best efforts to support pixels from the following advertiser ad servers:

  • Google
  • FreeWheel
  • Sizmek
  • Innovid
  • Flashtalking
  • Celtra
  • AdForm

 Measurement Pixels

Company shall use its best efforts to support measurement pixels from the following vendors:

  • ComScore VCE
  • Nielsen DAR
  • MOAT
  • DoubleVerify
  • IAS

Ad Quality

Company should support VAST v.4.0, VPAID v.2.0, and MRAID v.3.0 for non-app supply in Javascript-enabled environments.

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