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Fraud Credit Policy


Invalid traffic, while low on our platform due to proactive monitoring, is a legitimate concern for buyers and sellers of digital advertising. As part of the effort to combat this, on March 31st, 2018, Xandr implemented new policies that streamline the refund process for buyers (excluding bidders) who have purchased invalid traffic on our platform.

Buyers who have paid for non-human traffic may submit a claim to Client Finance through client support form according to the following rules:

  • Claims must be submitted for the previous month's activity within 10 days of the month's close (e.g., for March activity, claims must be submitted by April 10th).
    • Buyers should submit one claim covering the entire month's activity.
  • The claim must include reporting from one of the following approved verification partners:
  • Buyers must provide the following information via a report from their verification partner (granularity must be at the monthly level):
    • Placement ID
      • Publisher ID (if working with IAS)
    • Seller member ID
    • Campaign ID
    • Line item ID
    • Total imps
    • Number of invalid imps 
    • % of invalid imps 


Prepare a claim

To participate in this program, you must work with one of the verification partners listed above and complete the following 2 tasks:

  1. Collect the necessary data. To do this, you must first be trafficking a supported tag (from one of our approved verification partners) with your creatives. Please reach out to your verification partner for instructions on how to acquire and implement their product below.
    1. for Integral Ad Science - Campaign Monitoring Pixel
    2. for DoubleVerify - IQ Programmatic Advanced
    3. for comScore - vCE
    4. for Moat - use your standard tag. However, be sure to collaborate with Moat to ensure that your tag will pull the necessary and correct data.
    5. for Adloox - use your standard tag.
  2. Generate a report containing the required information (outlined above) from your verification partner's platform. Please reach out to your verification partner for detailed guidance on their reporting platform.

Submit your claim

Once you have collected all the required information from your verification partner's reports, you can submit your claim.

  1. Log in to the client support form (separate login required). 
  2. Select Client Finance as the Category.
  3. Select Fraud Claim from the What can we help you with? field.
  4. Attach the report from your verification partner to complete the submitting of your case.

Due to a Microsoft Excel limitation, the files you submit may not exceed 1,048,576 rows.

Our Client Finance team will review your claim. Once they’ve determined whether the claim is eligible for a credit, they will follow up with you to confirm the outcome.

What to expect once your claim is submitted

  1. Our Client Finance team will review your claim. Once they’ve determined whether the claim is eligible for a credit, they will follow up to confirm the outcome.
  2. If your claim is approved, you will receive a separate credit memo from our Finance team when it’s processed.


What to expect if a claim is filed by a buyer?

When you receive your seller remittance statement, the withheld amount will be shown as a debit.




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