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AST Release History

To utilize the most current version of AST, link to our CDN at . For a detailed example see our  AST implementation guide . If your implementation requires a specific version of AST, use the following link, where {VERSION_NUM} would be replaced with the number of the version you want to use:{VERSION_NUM}/ast.js

  • Add support for consent strings in AMP
  • Enforce Purpose one consent in TCF v2
  • Codebase improvements
  • Add “USP API” support for CCPA
  • Make all Impbus requests secure(https) by default
  • Add TCF v2.0 support
  • Add support for multi-size prebid creatives in mediation fallback
  • Add support for native custom types in AST
  • Codebase improvements
  • Codebase improvements 
  • Create versioned safe frame and mediation
  • Add support for fallback video ads
  • Add blanks to reporting for mediation
  • Enhance adObj for mediation events
  • Add support for video outstream fallback from mediation
0.24.0 alpha

This is an alpha release and functionality could change without notice.


  • Add blanks to reporting for mediation
  • Enhance adObj for mediation events
  • Add support for video outstream fallback from mediation
  • Add support for native assembly on mediation fallback
  • Add  support for mediation events (see Ad Object API)
0.23.1Added AMP environment detection flag
0.23.0 alpha

This is an alpha release and functionality could change without notice.

  • Added support for mediation iframe size change dynamically
  • Added support for getting consent management (GDPR string) through SafeFrame API
  • Add brand category to adObj
  • Bug Fixes
  • Bug Fixes
  • Added geo override functionality to setPageOpts
  • Enabled toolkit from apntag
  • Bug Fixes
  • Feature Added override option to apntag.setKeywords
  • Added media type and media sub-type to adObj
  • Bug Fixes
  • Feature Support desc2 and other assets on native bid request (see defineTag)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Feature Invoke server-supplied renderers on native mediation bids
  • Feature Added apntag.getTag(<targetId>) for returning tag data
  • Convert member strings to numbers automatically
  • Feature Support Secure Frame with Outstream
  • Feature Added usePmtRule field to defineTag function
  • Added referrer data to request
  • Feature Added auctionTimeout to setPageOpts
  • Bug Fix
  • Feature Support native rtb creatives from mediation
  • Bug Fix
  • Bug Fixes
  • Bug Fix
  • Feature GDPR support

  • Feature Added apntag.attachClickTrackers for firing native click trackers

  • Feature Added skipOffset as a definable video parameter

  • Feature Added desc2 to native response object
  • Bug Fix
  • Feature Support protocol-less urls
  • Safeframe rewrites and updates
  • Bug Fixes
  • Feature Render AMP Ads above the fold (availability pending AMP Project support)
  • Feature Support for Safeframe "meta" information
  • Feature Support Privacy Field and Flag in AST
  • Feature Support for Scroll offset in the SafeFrame API
  • Feature Safeframe Sandbox Mode to disallow navigation
  • Bug Fixes
  • Feature  Initialize ad iframe in collapsed state

  • Test Native video support
  • Bug fixes

  • Feature  Click to open iTunes in iPhone

  • Activation Viewability measurement of native creatives available (requires server-side activation)

  • Bug fixes

  • Bug fixes for mediation impressions
  • New method apntag.getAstVersion
  • Option to remove debug information from querystring
  • Bug fixes
  • Removed deprecated code
  • Add support for Publisher ID
  • Fix internal error causing "ad_type undefined"
  • Fix bug with Target ID not set for Native ads
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Fix bug for ads not rendered in IE8
  • Fix bug for Object.defineProperty not supported in IE8
  • Add "targetid"to adObj in AST events
  • minWidth  setting is for ad, container must be greater  
  • CookieSet feature released. See API page for details.

Breaking Change

This version of AST contains breaking changes. It will not be promoted to the production version of AST until on or after July 10, 2017. For more details about out breaking change policy, please refer to the Breaking Changes - AST API wiki page.

  • Support v3native assets. Changes consist of:
    • The adTypeobjectreturnedfornativedemandwillbechanging to support our new native asset model, and to be more aligned with the OpenRTB native standard.
    • The following fields have been renamed:
      • description renamed to body
      • mainMedia renamed to image
    • The following fields have been removed:
      • custom
      • rating
    • The following fields have been moved:
      • iconImgUrl has been moved under the icon object to icon.url
  • Improvement in page performance by reducing the number of times our Viewability javascript can be inserted to once per page (instead of once per ad slot)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Fix bug for Cannot read property 'ad_type' of null with video mediation on AST
  • Fix bug for mediated ads not rendering in IE browsers
  • Fix bug for badrequesteventcallbackwhenadcallrequestfails
  • Fix bug for IE11 issue with base target
  • Fix bug for banner ads coming from AstMediationManager not getting displayed
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Implement Viewability functions in AST through Safeframe
  • Support size mapping in AST
  • FixbugforupdatingSafeframeexpandparams, as per IAB spec
  • Fix bug for AST Toolkit not displaying when there is a no-bid
  • Fix bug for AST Toolkit creative size is displayed backwards
  • SafeFrameexpand/collapse support options on individual tags
  • Support banner mediation in SafeFrame
  • Support for $sf.ext.winHasFocus API in SafeFrame
  • AST Toolkit v0
  • Fix issue with NativefullTextattribute
  • Remove extraneous logging with SafeFrame enabled
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Implement SafeFrame in AST (phase 1)
  • Support for global event handling with the onEvent function
  • Fix bug fornotsettingiframesizeasinlinestyle
  • Add setKeywords method
  • Fix bug to ensure that the showTag function clearsthetargetdiv content before rendering new content if not using refresh API
  • Fix bug for duplicate resource requests being made for CDN in some instances
  • Copy sizes in adObj to root level instead of just within banner object


  • Resolve issue with ads not displaying in Chrome 54 after using the browser back button.

  • Fix bug with stray characterappearingonpage


  • Added alwaysUseXDomainIframeparametertodefineTag functiontopreventcreatives from accessing the parent page directly.
  • Fix bug for unrelated logging when calling apntag.refresh on specific ad slots.
  • Fix bug for ASTwithprebidnotresizing placements dynamically.


  • Added notify function to allow AST to send a messagetoarenderer on a page.
  • Added optional externalImpId  parameter to support the unique identifier of an externally generated auction.
  • Fix bug when keyword segment sends integers.
  • Fix bug where Outstream video in third party iframes was not loading in Safari
  • Fix bug for user.age and user.gender not being sent
  • Fix bug for event.collapseAd
  • Added optional trafficSourceCode parameter to defineTag function. The value of this field will be logged to Standard Feed in the traffic_source_code column.
  • Add support for mediation.js
  • Add resizeAd function
  • New required query string parameter for running a debug auctiondebug_member
0.3.6Fix bug where apntag.refresh() function throws exception with missing div element
  • Add offEvent for turning off multiple event handlers at one time 
  • Add optional noBidIfUnsold parameter to defineTag function
  • Add forceCreativeIdparametertodefineTag function
  • Log additional information in debug mode
  • Bug fixes for Internet Explorer
  • Add adBadRequest event
  • Make member optional field
  • Bug fixforadCollapse event
  • Remove CORSpreflightrequirement to improve performance
  • Add TEST flag for test auction
  • Add promoAlignment support


  • Bug fixes for IE browser support
  • Support additional reserved keywords



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