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Android SDK Release Notes

Latest release notes:

Version 6.2

Bug Fixes

  • MS-4127 Implemented SSL error handling (Github #48)

  • MS-4051 Added error code to identify frequent ad refresh
  • MS-4095 Updated OMID partner name
  • MS-4086 Fixed OMID Pause multiple calls during application background state

Version 6.1

Our latest release introduces a new video ad pause feature and an important update to the FacebookAd SDK, and includes general bug fixes and improvements. 

New feature

SDK 6.1 introduces the ability to pause/resume a video ad (MS-4019). See our Instream Video Ad documentation for details. 

Mediation Partner Upgrades

  • Google AdMob SDK v18.2.0
  • Smart Server SDK v7.2
  • FacebookAd SDK v5.5.1

Breaking Change

FacebookAd SDK v5.5.1 upgrade introduces breaking changes. Please refer to our mediation documentation for updated integration instructions.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • MS-3976: Fixed escape character breaking the VideoAd load. 
  • MS-3989: Upgraded to OMSDK v1.2.19
  • MS-4060: Added getCurrentAppOrientation support for MRAID. 

Version:  6.0

Mediation partner upgrades

  • Mopub SDK v5.8.0
  • InMobi SDK v8.2.0
  • GooglePlay SDK v18.1.1
  • SmartAdServer SDK v7.1.1

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Open Measurement SDK is now supported only on phones running Android Kitkat and above (MS-3962, MS-3978, Github #43)

For past release notes, visit our Github page. 

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