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Build the Android SDK from source

This page has instructions for including the source code of our Android SDK in your project and building it.

If you just want to install using Maven or download a JAR, see the Android section of Integrate the SDK.

On This Page

Step 1. Clone the repo

Run this command in your terminal:

The cloned directory will look something like:

Note that the SDK and each of the mediation adaptors are standalone libraries.

Step 2. Add the source to your project

Click File > New > Import Module (or your IDE's equivalent) and enter the location of the SDK sources you just cloned. Make sure the sources are actually copied into your project so you can edit the code.

Step 3. Configure build settings

Include the SDK at the top of your settings.gradle file:

Add a new line in the dependencies block of your app's build.gradle file:

At this point you should be able to build your app with the SDK included as a library.

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