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Configure SDK Logging

This page has instructions for turning logging on and off, and for setting logging levels.

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How you configure logging changes depending on whether your SDK version is RC 1.21 or newer. In RC 1.21, we changed the SDK to use the native Android logging system properties.

for more information, see the section below that corresponds to your SDK version.

RC 1.21 and up

As of RC 1.21, Android's logging system properties are used instead of the SDK's built-in Clog.clogged.

To turn on the SDK's logging during development, connect the device via USB and issue the following command from your terminal:

The logging setting will remain in effect until the device reboots.

For more information about how log tags work on Android, see the documentation for Log.isLoggable().

For more information about how to use ADB shell commands, see ADB Shell Commands.

RC 1.20 and below

In versions RC 1.20 and below, by default, SDK logging is turned on. You can turn it off as follows:


Use these methods on the ANLogManager interface to set the logging level of the iOS SDK:

  • getANLogLevel
  • setANLogLevel

Here's an example; see ANLogManager.h for all available log levels:

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