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Native Video with AST

Native video gives publishers the ability to render ads on their site from within their preferred video player. A video file is delivered to the publisher, who then has control over how and where that ad is played.

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Working with native video is similar to working with any other type of native creative in that the publisher is responsible for correctly inserting the content provided by the bidder onto the site. However, in place of the creative, a native bid response will contain a string that has the full XML VAST for the video.

AST Implementation

The AST implementation of native video closely mirrors the standards set by the IAB

When you define your AST tag, include the video specifications in the native field:

See DefineTag for more information on defining your AST tag.

The bid request must include the video object. Required fields in the bid request video object are:

  • min_duration: Minimum video ad duration in milliseconds.
  • max_duration: Maximum video ad duration in milliseconds.

Here is an example of what you might see in the AST bid request:

The bid response will include the VAST XML string for the video. For example:

Notice the content field in the response. This field contains the VAST XML string for the full video content. (The complete XML is not shown in this example. See the IAB VAST Test Examples to see full XML examples of what would be returned in a response.)

Video Players

Publishers must provide their own video player. Note that while the bid response returns the VAST encoding of the full video, most video players accept as input a URL to the VAST XML. If your video player expects a URL, you must create a local URL where you can put the XML, then pass that URL to the player.

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