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iOS SDK Release Notes

Latest Release Notes

Version 6.2

This release addresses the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) plus general bug fixes. 

New Feature

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • MS-4124: Special characters not rendering over native assembly
  • MS-4084: VideoAd Object not getting deallocated
  • MS-4095: Updated OMID partner name

Version 6.1

Our latest release introduces a new video ad pause feature, provides support for iOS 13.0, and include an important update to the FacebookAd SDK plus general bug fixes and improvements. 

New Features

  • SDK 6.1 introduces the ability to pause/resume a video ad. See our Instream Video Ad documentation for details. 
  • Support for iOS 13.0

Mediation Partner Upgrades

  • Google AdMob SDK v7.50.0
  • Smart Server SDK v7.2
  • FacebookAd SDK v5.5.1

Breaking Changes

The FacebookAd SDK v5.5.1 upgrade has breaking changes. Please refer to our mediation documentation for updated integration instructions.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • MS-3915, MS-3916: Improved banner ad performance.
  • MS-3948: Removed AppNexusSDKResources.Bundle.
  • MS-3951: Fixed open measurement geometry change events for VideoAd.
  • MS-3976: Fixed escape character breaking the VideoAd load. 
  • MS-3987: Upgraded to OMSDK v1.2.19
  • MS-4004: Fixed VideoAd's pause issue when application state changes. 
  • MS-4023: Removed usage of deprecated UIWebView.
  • MS-4036: Fixed interstitial crash on orientation change if orientation not supported by the host application. (Reported on GitHub)

Version 6.0

At Xandr we listen to our users' feedback to help us develop the products that provide the best solutions for their needs. Based on that feedback, we are proud to announce the release of v6.0, a major upgrade to our iOS Mobile SDK.


Some changes made in v6.0 are breaking and may require existing users who wish to upgrade from previous versions to follow our migration guide.

New Features

Change to the directory structure. Notable changes include:

  • BinaryProjects/ANSDK.xcodeproject has been renamed and moved to sdk/AppNexusSDK.xcodeproject.
  • Mediation Adapter targets have been removed from AppNexusSDK.xcodeproject.
  • ANSDK target has been removed from AppNexusSDK.xcodeproject.

Mediation adapters are now available only via our source or CocoaPods.

This will enable publishers to select the mediation networks they need for their inventory strategies

Third party mediation network libraries have been removed from code. Publishers integrating mediation via source will need to include the libraries themselves.

A list of supported versions of third-party mediation networks is available in our public documentation


Mediation partner upgrades

  • Mopub SDK v5.8.0
  • InMobi SDK v7.3.1
  • Google AdMob SDK v7.48.0
  • Smart Server SDK v7.1.1

If you are currently using a static library version of AppNexus SDK(libANSDK.a) or a mediation adapter please follow our migration guide.


For past release notes, visit our Github page