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  • Clicks - When users click on a creative, they are directed to a landing page. For example, they see an ad for Prostarr Sportswear, they click on the ad, and they are directed to These clicks can be tracked by either a pixel on the landing page or a URL associated with the creative.  If you track clicks through a pixel, the pixel fires when the landing page loads.  If you track clicks through the creative URL, the creative URL directs the browser to a click-tracking server before redirecting it to the landing page.
  • Conversions - The user performs some desired action such as making a purchase or signing up for membership.  This can happen immediately or during a specified "lookback" period, if advertiser and publisher agree to count the user as a conversion as long as they perform the action within that time period. Conversions may also be called acquisitions.  They're generally tracked through a pixel on the confirmation page for the action (for example, the confirmation that users see when they've purchased items or signed up for mailing lists).

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