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Network issues can be difficult to troubleshoot because they have so many causes, such as our ISP, your ISP, equipment, configurations, etc.  If AppNexus is having a problem internally or with one of our ISPs, we will alert all customers with an email notification.  Otherwise, a common source of the problem is the connection between a customer's ISP and Level3 or Global Crossing (our ISPs).  These types of problems generally self heal as new routes propagate.


Use ICMP-based traceroute in one of these ways:
Issue '"tracert' " from a Windows host
Issue '"traceroute -I' " from a Linux host
Issue '"traceroute -P icmp' " from a BSD or Mac host

You can also issue '"telnet' " to check what IP address your request is being sent from.  This can diagnose firewall/proxy issues.


1) Description of the issue (e.g., latency, packet loss, slow access, no access)
2) Source IP of client server (queried as follows: '"telnet'")
3) Destination IP of unreachable server
4) Service attempted (e.g., tcp/udp, port, application like https, snmp, ssh)
5) ICMP-based traceroute from client to server
6) ICMP-based traceroute from server to client