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MANAGE-VLAN(1)         AppNexus CLI Documentation v0.149150        MANAGE-VLAN(1)

       manage-cdn-domainvlan - list/flush CDN enabled domains

 VLANs, list/reserve/modify/release IP addresses

       manage-cdn-domainvlan list [-s col_name | -b col_name] [-f filters] [-R]
       manage-cdnvlan list-domainaddresses flush[-a | -c cdn_domain_id -p path
r | -u] [-s col_name | -b col_name] 
       [-f filters] [-R]
       manage-cdnvlan reserve-domainaddress flush-all-ip address [-c cdn_domain_idd description]
       manage-cdnvlan modify-domain address --ip address -d description
       manage-vlan release-address --ip address
       manage-vlan history [-c cdn_domain_-vlan-id vlan_id] [--depth number]
       manage-cdn-domainvlan command -h
       manage-cdn-domainvlan (help | -h) [command]
       manage-cdn-domainvlan -V

       This command islets usedyou to list your contentVLANs, deliveryand networklist, domainsreserve, modify, and torelease
       flushIP themaddresses in order to update their content.

your VLANs. Reserving an IP address means it will not be used
       to launch an instance unless you explicitly specify it. You do not need to
       reserve an IP address from your VLAN before using it.

       -c, -vlan-cdn-domain-id
           ID number of CDNVLAN. enabled domain.

Must be a composite string '<datacenter_id>:<vlan_id>',
           e.g. 'NYM1:1', 'LAX1:210'.

     -p, --path  --ip
           IP address to reserve, release, or modify. Must be a composite string
           '<datacenter_id>:<ip_address>', e.g. 'NYM1:',

       -a, --available
           PathList toavailable flushIP addresses in specifiedyour CDNVLANs.
enabled domain
       -r, --reserved
           List IP addresses that you have already reserved.

       -u, --used
           List IP addresses that are used by your instances.

       -d, --description
           Optional custom description to attach to the IP address.

           Number of most recent operations to show in history.  Default is 20.

       -s, --sort
           Column name(s) for sorting (ip_address, vlan_id, padsubnet, originpriority, description).state,
Use --sort          instance_id, description). Use --sort <column_name1>{,<column_nameN>}.

       -b, --rsort
           Column name(s) for reverse sorting.

       -f, --filter
           Filter results by column name (ip_address, vlan_id, padsubnet, originpriority,
           state, instance_id, description). Use --filter <column_name1>=<pat-
          <column_name1>=<pattern1> tern1>{,<patternN>} {<column_name2>=<pattern2>{,<pat-<patternN>} where {} indi-
        ternN>} where {} indicatescates an optional parameter. Do not use a space between multiple patterns.
        between multiple patterns. For example, --filter descriptionstate=somereserved,moreavailable.

       -R, --raw
           Output resultsdata in tab-delimited form.

       -V, --version
           Version of the command-line interface you are currently using.

       -h, --help
           Display help.


           ShowList listall ofVLANs CDNbelonging enabledto domainsthe customer.

           Required Parameters: none
           Optional Parameters: (-s/--sort | -b/--rsort), -f/--filter, -R/--raw


           FlushList aall singleavailable pathIP inaddresses. CDNOutput enabled domainincludes VLAN ID; state (used,
           available, or reserved); instance ID if applicable; and description, if you
           have added one.

           Required Parameters: -cnone
           Optional Parameters: (-a/--cdn-domain-id, -p/--path
   available | -r/--reserved | -u/--used),
           (-s/--sort | -b/--rsort), -f/--filter, -R/--raw


           Reserve IP address from being automatically used for instance launch. You
           still can launch an instance with an already reserved IP address: pass the
           optional parameter '--ip' for the 'manage-instance launch' command.

           Required Parameters: --ip
           Optional Parameters: none-d/--description


           FlushChange theor entireadd CDNa enabled domaindescription for an IP address.

           Required Parameters: -c-ip, -d/--cdn-domain-iddescription
           Optional Parameters: none


           Release a previously reserved IP address.

           Required Parameters: --ip
           Optional Parameters: none


           Show history of operations on CDN enabled domainsVLANs. If no particular CDNVLAN is specified
         domain is specified then operations on all CDNVLANs domains will be displayed.

           Required Parameters: none
           Optional Parameters: -c/-vlan-cdn-domain-id, --depth


           Show help.

           Required Parameters: none
           Optional Parameters: list, flushlist-addresses, flushreserve-alladdress, modify-address,
           release-address, history

       manage-instance, manage-server, manage-lb-ip, manage-lb-pool, manage-vlancdn-domain

0.149150                             2009-01-2915                    MANAGE-CDN-DOMAINVLAN(1)