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Advanced Tables - Table Plus

You can use this array to limit the media subtype, the specific display style of creatives, that can serve on placements that are part of deals made from this package.

Each allowed_media_subtypes object contains the following fields:





Required On

permitted_sizesarray of objects

The permitted sizes for creatives of the media subtype. See Permitted Sizes below for more details. Note that not all media subtypes have permitted size requirements.

native_assetsarray of objects

An array describing constraints on elements of native ads for this media subtype. Elements of a native ad can include the title, body content, and more. The format's constraints could be whether body content is required or recommended, or how long the text may be. For more information, see Native Assets below.

idintThe ID of the allowed_media_subtype. PUT and POST on JSON file  

The name of the allowed_media_subtype.

last_modifieddateWhen the allowed_media_subtype array was last modified.  
mediamediatype_type_idintThe ID of the media_type.  
media_type_namestringThe name of the media_type.  
media_type_group_idintThe ID of the group for the media type.