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  • Wrapper: any technology layer that facilitates bids from demand partners being passed into the ad server.
  • Demand partner: any party that is willing to provide a price to be paid to the publisher for a given impression, and is integrated into the wrapper.
  • Publisher: the party who is integrating the wrapper into their page.

Auction Logic

  • The wrapper must not modify bids from demand partners.
  • The wrapper must not bias bids from demand partners unless requested by the publisher.
  • The wrapper must provide equal opportunity for all demand partners to bid, either by requesting bids simultaneously or by randomizing the order in which they are called.
  • The wrapper must send all demand returned within the Publisher-configured timeout to the ad server.
  • The ad server must make the final choice of what bid wins.
  • The wrapper must provide a mechanism to validate that submitted bid responses were sent to the ad server.
  • Auction logic and methodology must be disclosed to all parties prior to commencement of a commercial relationship, and any change to auction logic must be disclosed prior to its implementation.
  • The wrapper must provide a mechanism for publishers and demand partners to validate auction logic.
  • The wrapper must not favor any demand partner in any way, including any demand that is provided by a bidder that is also hosting the wrapper.