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In the online advertising ecosystem, many buyers are concerned that fraudulent impressions will negatively impact their advertising, resulting in campaign unreliability and lost revenue. AppNexus takes these concerns very seriously, and ads.text txt is one tool among a range of strategies we employ to ensure the quality of inventory and the validity of impressions. 


titleAds.txt Adoption and Support

Seller Impact: AppNexus DSP will begin enforcing ads.txt compliance starting January 24, 2018 whenever ads.txt files are detected.

  • These checks are performed daily. If ads.txt files are present, AppNexus will disable buying from parties that are not directly identified through publishers' ads.txt files as authorized resellers.
  • Deals, Managed, and external Bidder demand will not be impacted by ads.txt enforcement. If ads.txt file is present (checked daily), we disable buying from parties that are not directly identified through the publisher’s ads.txt files as authorized resellers.

Buyer impact: AppNexus SSP is encouraging all sellers to ensure they are listed in the ads.txt files of the inventory they are selling on AppNexus.

  • For more information about this process, see the IAB's How To Ads.txt.
  • There is no buyer opt-in process as this is default buying behavior.

For additional questions regarding how ads.text txt adoption may impact AppNexus clients, please contact AppNexus Support.