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What do you want customers to know about AppNexus VLANs and VLAN requests and migrations?

Networking ACLs

In networking, ACL refers to a list of rules detailing service ports or (network) daemon names that are available on a host or other layer 3 device, each with a list of hosts and/or networks permitted to use the service. Both individual servers as well as routers can have network ACLs. IP addresses, both origin and destination, and ports where traffic is permitted to pass. The *router* does this? Access control lists can generally be configured to control both inbound and outbound traffic, and in this context they are similar to firewalls. This article was originally based on material from the Free On-line Dictionary of Computing, which is licensed under the GFDL.How are they different from firewalls, is at all? Is the ACL just the "firewall settings"?

VLAN is a list of IP addresses that you control. This means that you can control access to those IP addresses. You can assign these addresses as you like. Traffic within a VLAN is encrypted (question) How?


1. Can you add IPs to a VLAN or connect two VLANs?
2. How does it work to have a VLAN in NY and a VLAN in LA?
3. What do you do when you want a bigger VLAN?
4. What's the migration process?
5. Will migrating be available through the API in the future?
6. Multinetting?? Does it turn two VLANs into one?
7. OK so looks like multinetting is nixed by Peak. So how to two VLANs interact? How does that work? And what's the optimal solution here?

Hi Emily,

Let's add the following item to questionnaire: "By default, all ports between your NYM1 VLAN and LAX1 VLAN will be open, please specify other rules if necessary. Please take into account that traffic between LAX1 and
NYM1 goes over Internet and isn't encrypted".

Probably we should insert a table for the rules (similar to the existing
Protocol – Source DC – Source Port – Destination DC – Destination Port
– Action

Regards, Vladimir

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Stateful vs. non stateful inspection.

The first three of these I posted on the wiki FAQ; the last I posted here if you want to send to the customer who asked the question.