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At AppNexus every customer has a private VLAN, or Virtual Local Area Network in each datacenter where they operate equipment. Your VLAN is a list sequential of IP addresses that can be assigned to the instances you launch on the AppNexus system. VLAN can consist of 8, 24, 56 or 120 IP addresses (eight addresses in each range are reserved for networking equipment so they can act as if belonging to an individual VLAN). This VLAN provides security by segregating each customer's traffic from AppNexus and other customers' traffic and controlling traffic from the Internet via customer-controlled Access Control List (ACL).


  • By default we deny all inbound traffic from the Internet to your IP block except for ping (ICMP Echo---used to verify that the host is up). Initial access rules are configured based on the customer questionnaire.
  • For incoming traffic, customer may request ACL (Access Control Lists) change: for TCP/UDP/ANY, for particular source and destination IPs and ports, request ALLOW or DENY rule.  Default rule is deny all explicitly permitted traffic is allowed to pass.