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Problem: Network is slow; timeouts are occurring; I cannot connect to my node

Network issues can be difficult to troubleshoot because they have so many causes, such as our ISP, your ISP, equipment, configurations, etc. If AppNexus is having a problem internally or with one of our ISPs, we will alert all customers with an email notification. Otherwise, a common source of the problem is the connection between a customer's ISP and Level3 or Global Crossing (our ISPs). These types of problems generally self heal as new routes propagate.

The best troubleshooting tool is a traceroute to see where traffic is getting stuck.

1. Using a Traceroute

Use ICMP-based traceroute in one of these ways:
Issue 'tracert' from a Windows host
Issue 'traceroute -I' from a Linux host
Issue 'traceroute -P icmp' from a BSD or Mac host

You can also issue 'telnet' to check what IP address your request is being sent from. This can diagnose firewall/proxy issues.

2. Contacting Support

If a traceroute doesn't help you solve the problem, please send the following information to Support:

1) Description of the issue (e.g. latency, packet loss, slow access, no access)
2) Source IP of client server (queried as follows: 'telnet')
3) Destination IP of unreachable server
4) Service attempted (e.g. tcp/udp, port, application like https, snmp, ssh)
5) ICMP-based traceroute from client to server
6) ICMP-based traceroute from server to client

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