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MANAGE-VLAN(1)         AppNexus CLI Documentation v0.149        MANAGE-VLAN(1)

       manage-cdn-domain - list/flush CDN enabled domains

       manage-cdn-domain list [-s col_name | -b col_name] [-f filters] [-R]
       manage-cdn-domain flush -c cdn_domain_id -p path
       manage-cdn-domain flush-all -c cdn_domain_id
       manage-cdn-domain history [-c cdn_domain_id] [--depth number]
       manage-cdn-domain command -h
       manage-cdn-domain (help | -h) [command]
       manage-cdn-domain -V

       This command is used to list your content delivery network domains and to
       flush them in order to update their content.

       -c, --cdn-domain-id
           ID of CDN enabled domain.

       -p, --path
           Path to flush in specified CDN enabled domain.

           Number of most recent operations to show in history. Default is 20.

       -s, --sort
           Column name(s) for sorting (id, pad, origin, description). Use --sort

       -b, --rsort
           Column name(s) for reverse sorting.

       -f, --filter
           Filter results by column name (id, pad, origin, description). Use --filter
           <column_name1>=<pattern1>{,<patternN>} {<column_name2>=<pattern2>{,<pat-
           ternN>} where {} indicates an optional parameter. Do not use a space
           between multiple patterns. For example, --filter description=some,more.

       -R, --raw
           Output results in tab-delimited form.

       -V, --version
           Version of the command-line interface you are currently using.

       -h, --help
           Display help.


           Show list of CDN enabled domains.

           Required Parameters: none
           Optional Parameters: (-s/--sort | -b/--rsort), -f/--filter, -R/--raw


           Flush a single path in CDN enabled domain.

           Required Parameters: -c/--cdn-domain-id, -p/--path
           Optional Parameters: none


           Flush the entire CDN enabled domain.

           Required Parameters: -c/--cdn-domain-id
           Optional Parameters: none


           Show history of operations on CDN enabled domains. If no particular CDN
           domain is specified then operations on all CDN domains will be displayed.

           Required Parameters: none
           Optional Parameters: -c/--cdn-domain-id, --depth


           Show help.

           Required Parameters: none
           Optional Parameters: list, flush, flush-all, history

       manage-instance, manage-server, manage-lb-ip, manage-lb-pool, manage-vlan

0.149                       2009-01-29              MANAGE-CDN-DOMAIN(1)

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