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--upload parameter

When you launch an instance (with manage-instance launch) you can upload a file or suite of files.  Things you might want to upload:

  • Shell scripts to be run on system startup.  This can be used to set up your server without having to do a custom image.
  • Configuration files.  These can automate your configuration process.

This paramenter takes the form:

--upload <path_to_local_file>,<destination_path_on_launching_instance>,<permissions>

Usage example:

manage-instance launch . . . --upload ./configs/network.config,/etc/sysconfig/network,0644

You may upload a suite of files by using the "--upload" option repeatedly.  For example:

manage-instance launch . . . --upload ./configs/postfix.config,/etc/postfix/,0644 --upload ./configs/mysql.config,/etc/mysql/my.cnf,0644 . . .


Please note that the total size of the uploaded files is limited to 1MB, and the "permissions" descriptor is optional (the default value is 0644).

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