Integration Process

This document includes the necessary information to review, plan, and execute a new OpenRTB integration - or migrate from a custom SSP protocol integration to OpenRTB standard, in a self-paced fashion.

Pre-requisite Checklist

This checklist applies to all external supply partners, (existing as well as new), who aim to integrate via OpenRTB.

  1. Confirm with the AppNexus contact your data center details, auction timeout limits and IPs.
  2. Confirm with the AppNexus contact your member seat ID and (if required), new member seat creation and API login credentials on the AppNexus system.
  3. Confirm with the AppNexus contact your endpoints for incoming bid requests, and (if required), new endpoint creation on the AppNexus system.
  4. Confirm with the AppNexus contact your usersync pixel in order to map your user IDs to AppNexus user IDs, and if required, new setup and activation.
  5. Review the OpenRTB specification, and discuss any open questions with your AppNexus contact.
  6. Review the FAQ section and, discuss any open questions with your AppNexus contact.

Integration Steps

Step 1: Self-guided API/UI training and creation of objects (Estimated time: 7-10 days)

In order to provide transparency to our buyers and improve our optimization, we require our partners to break out their inventory by publisher.  For more information regarding our inventory structure standards please visit our wiki. 

Step 2: Endpoint testing (Estimated time: 3-5 days)

*NOTE: MEMBER_ID and MEMBER_ALIAS should be replaced with your individual partner member ID and alias - provided by AppNexus contact. 


Step 3: Initial traffic ramp-up and OpenRTB requirement validation (Estimated time: 7-10 days)

Final OpenRTB requirement validation

Notify your AppNexus contact about the completion of the self-paced integration/migration, who will initiate the final OpenRTB requirement validation tests - and provide you with final results and feedback.